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Polizza Property All Risks (fire - indirect damage - theft)

All Risks Fire Policy to cover the material and direct damage suffered by the insured assets and consequent indirect damage deriving from the interruption of the Insured's business

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Our All Risk policy is a clear contract, which goes beyond the market standard, offering an innovative Full Value solution.

This means that the insured can be indemnified for the full value of the sums indicated by him in the policy .

Some peculiarities of the text, in addition to the 'classic' indirect damage, theft and machine breakdowns are:

technological innovation on the new value of machinery, 100% compensation of the insured sums for atmospheric events and malicious acts, advance compensation quantified by an expert appointed by customer ... and many other technically relevant aspects that we invite you to discover in the text.

Another fundamental aspect that distinguishes our policy, in contrast to the traditional market, is the coverage of catastrophes up to 100% of the insured sums.

Calcola il costo per la tua polizza